Miracle Base

Light. Truth. Harmony.

What Miracle Base Does

Miracle Base is the ultimate harmonizer. It puts bodies in flow and creates a desire to start moving. Your posture improves and your organs return to their assigned place in perfect harmony.

Ingesting Miracle Base unblocks access to inner power, igniting the inner light and opening a step into joy. Miracle Base reminds people of the reasons to celebrate (and reveals what should not be celebrated). It reflects the innate vibration of heaven.

Taking Miracle Base produces an automatic calmness. As organs and cells return to base, anything that does not support the propagation of life starts to depart from the body. The use of Miracle Base can be like detoxification and may seem a little hard on the physical body but as the physical being shifts, the mental state starts to adapt, and vice versa.

How Miracle Base Works

Miracle Base connects every being to the essence of their truth, the ovum of light that is the truth of their soul. Miracle Base lights up that truth. The light becomes so strong that you even become invisible to dark energies.

What Is In Miracle Base?

Miracle Base is water that has been de-programmed out of millions of years of negative energies and brought back to its original state as the carrier of the seed of life.

How To Take Miracle Base

We recommend drinking Miracle Base as much as possible. Replace your other drinks with it and drink it all day long.


How do I make Miracle Base?

Place a bottle of water or a glass on the coaster overnight or for at least eight hours. The water will be de-programmed and returned to its original state.

Are there any side-effects to drinking Miracle Base?

Miracle Base starts to purify the water that makes up your physical being. As the purification process takes place there may be symptoms and experiences of detoxification. If that happens, we recommend drinking shots instead of whole glasses or bottles, and to start drinking more when your body becomes used to the water.

What are the immediate and long-term benefits of using Miracle Base?

The immediate benefit of using Miracle Base is a form of hydration that is particularly powerful for the heart and the brain. As you drink Miracle Base you will notice that you start feeling vibrant. Your memory will improve and you will be better able to connect with happiness quickly. Those improvements are the result of starting to feel hydrated again. Even during detox, people still experience a sense of inner wellness. Combine it with a conscious engagement of your mental focus on the vibrations of gratitude and appreciation and the impact of Miracle Base will be accelerated, correcting the detox symptoms very quickly.

The biggest medium-term benefit is that your organs return to their determined places in the physical body and develop their own core strength as they start to operate from the essence of what each organ was meant to do. The longer term benefit is the return to base and the return of each cell in your body to your truth. Beauty starts to emerge and starts to show.

Does Miracle Base make people younger?

Miracle Base does make people more youthful. You can be a very young person but be very old in terms of physical condition: tired and exhausted. Miracle Base combined with Miracle Beauty and Miracle Sweetness is the ultimate combination to rejuvenate the human body.