Miracle Beauty

Lightness. Truth. Beauty.

What Miracle Beauty Does

Miracle Beauty generates a lightness of being that pulls you closer to the truth and connects you to your real beauty. It’s an essential ingredient to turn back the clock, correcting the damage caused by cosmetics worn by people who don’t believe that they are beautiful themselves. As it pulls you back to the truth, it reveals real beauty.

This water is not soft and gentle. It does whatever is necessary to return to the truth. Anything that is not in support of being in the truth is forced out.

In addition to bringing out true inner beauty, Miracle Beauty can also help with:

  • Sore throats
  • Weight loss
  • Colon cleanse
  • Narcissism

Connecting to your truth builds the freedom to speak your truth. As your throat chakra is strengthened , your vocal cords are bolstered and you become less susceptible to throat infections.

Excess weight, especially the stored fat, is often made up of layers of protection built up against the lack of truth seen in others. Miracle Beauty starts to break down that armor. Combined with Miracle Vitality, which returns the cells to their originating metabolism, Miracle Beauty can make a huge difference to a weight loss regime.

Every pint of water used for a colon cleanse should show the Miracle Beauty painting because it’s the disconnection from the truth which clogs the colon.

Narcissists choose to speak untruth as a form of manipulation. Miracle Beauty unclogs the intellect and the brain lobes that are clogged with material that allows them to continuously manipulate. Narcissists will even enjoy taking Miracle Beauty because they will think it enhances their external beauty when it is really enhancing their true beauty. Miracle Beauty is the perfect gift for a narcissistic friend.

How Miracle Beauty Works

Miracle Beauty connects you to your truth because it is in your truth that you can find your own unique beauty. Combined with Miracle Base, Miracle Beauty helps people to become comfortable in their truth. It unblocks the arteries, the colon, and pores.

Using Miracle Beauty can feel like wearing a custom-blended perfume. Your own guardian angels will infuse the water, producing strong effects and revealing a truth that is unique to you.

Who Contributed To Miracle Beauty

This water is infused by Lord Indira, the Guardian of the Gates of Heaven, and by his thousands of apsaras. It is infused by the angel Rochelle, by ascended Master Sonja who accompanies souls that are ready to cross over to the light. It is infused by Goddess Pele, the goddess of passion, who fires up your emotion, and by the creator, Lord Brahma.

How To Use Miracle Beauty

Miracle Beauty can be taken in three ways:

  • Place two drops in each glass of water.
  • Spray directly on to the skin.
  • Spray as a fine mist.


Can Miracle Beauty be taken with shots?
Miracle Beauty can be taken with shots, and it’s a good way to start. Because shots are a declogger, the results can be mixed. For people in good physical condition declogging large amounts can be fine. If you feel discomfort, we recommend generous amounts of Miracle Base. Start with Miracle Base and continue for two days before adding Miracle Beauty.

Does Miracle Beauty have any side-effects?
If you use Miracle Beauty as a body lotion, you may experience a sense of dryness or rash-like irritation as the truth begins to come out. These symptoms will disappear within three days of using Miracle Beauty.

How long will Miracle Beauty take to reverse narcissism?
If the user follows the prescribed program, within three days they will start making choices which a narcissistic person has stopped making. All narcissistic symptoms should disappear within seven days to seven weeks.