Miracle Expansion

Ground. Expand. Connect.

What Miracle Expansion Does

Miracle Expansion returns you to a point at which you were meant to live your life, to the vibration of being human: settled, centered and open to new wisdom from the cosmos.

If you’re feeling anxious, disheveled or just out of sorts, Miracle Expansion  can bring you back to your center. If you’re away from nature, it brings nature to you, allowing you to work in the city while still feeling connected to Mother Earth. It feeds and nourishes five basic needs:

  • The need for certainty.
  • The need for variety.
  • The need for security.
  • The need to feel connected.
  • The need for significance.

Miracle Expansion also helps to overcome the effects of loneliness, removing the stress, anxiety and depression that can result from too much solitude. It aids in the adjustment to hot or cold environments, allowing the body to recalibrate itself for all temperatures, and can even help to return balance after intensive physical activity such as a workout or a sports game.

Miracle Expansion allows you to shed the layers of old stories, prepare for cellular regeneration, release cellular memories and process out any trauma that may still be held in the body’s cells. Like Miracle Soul, it helps to prevent post-natal depression, holding centeredness before the pain and anxiety of childbirth. It’s great for parents and you can even give it to children.

This water is a staple, a form of nourishment that makes you feel cared for, loved and connected.

How Miracle Expansion Works

This water is like a diamond, having undergone thousands of years of production during which the crystal absorbs a huge amount of wisdom.  Just like a tree whose life is laid out in the lines of its trunk, this water has literally captured all of the layers layers of existence since life began on this planet.  It carries all of that wisdom to deliver a powerful sense of security.

Who Contributed To Miracle Expansion

The ascended masters and celestial energies that have infused Miracle Expansion are Mother Gaia, the Central Sun, the spirit of the trees, the mushrooms, the volcanoes, and the oceans. Archangel Gabriel is the protector and primary guide of this water.

How To Take Miracle Expansion

You can take Miracle Expansion in three ways:

  • In the event of anxiety or loneliness, spray as a mist directly onto your face.
  • During PMS or other hormonal imbalance, ingest as shots.
  • For all other symptoms, place two drops in a glass and drink.

You can also mix Miracle Expansion in water and apply to plants.


If I suffer from PMS, should I take Miracle Expansion before I start to feel the symptoms or after they have begun?

Either and both.

How quickly does Miracle Expansion take effect?

Not long at all. You will start to feel the effects very quickly.

How much should I drink?

Two drops in a glass is sufficient, and you can also take shots. This is not a super-detoxing water but you want to remain in that space of your center. So if you are at a retreat, you can use Miracle Expansion all the time and enjoy it by the glassful. But if you are at work, drops are probably best.

Does Miracle Expansion help people who feel their life lacks purpose?

A feeling of living without purpose is the result of moving away from the centeredness of being human. Miracle Expansion will help. It creates a feeling of conclusion, of being finished with that lack of direction and ready to move forward.

Will Miracle Expansion work for children who require Ritalin?

It’s perfect for them, and also for people with Attention Deficit Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It returns them to their center.

Can Miracle Expansion treat post-traumatic stress disorder?

Post-traumatic center is hard to remove because of the cellular memories that can surface at any time. Miracle Expansion works softly and gently, releasing cellular memories and relieving symptoms.

Are the effects of Miracle Expansion more mental than physical?

Yes. Miracle Expansion works energetically but mentally it really settles people, forcing them to make a choice and move forward. Miracle Key can help release it but may not be sufficient to move forward. Miracle Expansion provides the forward movement as well.