Miracle Glow

Clarity. Light. Joy.

What Miracle Glow Does

Miracle Glow is infused with pure light. It returns your body to its innate structure, brings clarity to a clouded mind, and reveals the path ahead. Miracle Glow is a light in the darkness. When you’re faced with a hundred different options and your mind is confused, Miracle Glow dispels the doubts and returns the inner knowledge of infinite wealth. It dismisses dark energies, builds cheer and creates joy.

Miracle Glow’s main benefit is its clarity but its light also has effects that can be felt physically. Miracle Glow:

  • Recalibrates the skeletal structure.
  • Opens the heart.
  • Heals bruises and soothes burns.

As Miracle Glow transforms your body, your skeletal structure is recalibrated to hold your frame perfectly. Posture and gait are corrected, removing the appearance of a paunch or a slouch. The light can also infuse the heart, reopening it to advice or love. And a spray or two of Miracle Glow, with its infusion of infrared light drawn from the sun, can help to heal bruises and burns, including sunburns.

How Miracle Glow Works

Miracle Glow is the heart of God. The heart of God is pure light, like the heart of the Goddess of Light. Miracle Glow draws the light of a number of different suns and absorbs their healing qualities.

Who Contributed To Miracle Glow

Miracle Glow is infused by the energies of our sun, the central sun, Jupiter’s suns, and thousands of apsaras, the celestial beauties who dance and welcome you through the gates of heaven. It’s also infused by the energies of Goddess Meenakshi, an Indian goddess of absolute divine beauty.

How To Take Miracle Glow

Miracle Glow can be taken in a glass containing up to five drops, or it can be ingested by the spoonful if necessary.


What effect does Miracle Glow have on old habits and wealth?

Old beliefs, ancestral material that might have been left behind, and curses that you might have taken in past lives are locked in your unconscious. You’re not aware of them. Miracle Glow shines a light into those dark corners and returns you to wealth. This water gives you an experience of enrichment.

What effect Miracle Glow have on happiness?

Miracle Glow brings joy. Joy is more than a smile. It’s happiness, wealth, and divinity. It’s the opening your heart… to love, to new relationships, to wisdom.