Miracle Key

Unstuck. Flow. Be Free.

What Miracle Key Does

Miracle Key is a very powerful cleanse. You don’t have to fast, and you don’t have to undergo the trauma that many cleanse programs stir up. Each day Miracle Key finds a blockage and releases it. Like a camera-in-a-pill Miracle Key passes through your body and identifies where you’re stuck… and unsticks you.

Miracle Key is perfect for:

  • Winning ancestral freedom.
  • Overcoming eating disorders.
  • Repairing heartbreak and heartburn.

Miracle Key removes the shackle-like hold that ancestors and other lineage-related issues can hold over you. It untangles any energies that do not deserve you. The unexplained trauma, fears and belief systems that humans inherit from their ancestors and which make up most of their identity, are unshackled and leave. The little voices in your head that push, contradict and confuse you depart. What remains is happiness.

Miracle Key will also reconnect you to the experience of hunger that is often lost in modern life. It will bring back the feeling of satisfaction and have a dramatic effect on the quantity and quality of the food you’ll eat. Miracle Key is a very important water for anybody seeking to overcome eating disorders, as well as for heartbreaks and heartburn.

How Miracle Key Works

Miracle Key removes the charge that keeps whatever is holding you in place. It breaks the connection like the closing of a switch so that whatever you are stuck with cannot remain.
Only when you make a choice to allow something back into your field can that blockage return. Miracle Key removes entirely the shackles and the hooks that keep the blockage in your field.

How To Take Miracle Key

Add 2 drops to a glass of water. Drink 5-6 glasses per day.
A 36-hour Miracle Key fast will give you clarity whenever you feel clouded and confused.


I've been having dreams about my family since I started taking Miracle Key, why?

Miracle Key releases a lot of your ancestors ties and trauma and often, the release shows up as dreams about family.