Miracle Soul

Self Worth. Inner Knowing. Awakening.

What Miracle Soul Does

Miracle Soul is the elixir of awakening, a remembrance of eternal life.  It puts you in touch with the rhythm of your soul, reconnecting you to the choice you made to live your life, and to the choice that you always have to depart from it.  It removes completely any vibration of being a victim to anything external to yourself and ends self-pity, creating certainty and confidence, and enhancing self-worth and self-trust.

This water marks the end of victimhood and the falling away of denial.

How Miracle Soul Works

Miracle Soul connects the soul to the North Star.  Even if the physical body is undergoing a large amount of stress, the soul knows the right direction and supports the physical body in its own healing.  Miracle Soul ensures that you never lose connection to the essence of your soul, and supports a remembrance of your purpose as a human being.  The process begins with an inner knowing, then slowly clarity kicks in, delivering a new awakening.

Miracle Soul returns purpose and meaning.  It gives you a cause that is bigger than yourself so that you’re able to self-regulate and rise above the crisis of the moment.  By returning you to your center, it enables you to keep moving forward without looking back.

What Is In Miracle Soul?

The ascended masters that have infused Miracle Soul include archangel Michael, archangel Rafael, archangel Gabriel, archangel Haniel, archangel Chamuel, Goddess Guinevere, and the North Star.

How To Take Miracle Soul

You can take Miracle Soul in two ways:

  • Place two drops in a glass and drink at least six glasses per day.
  • Place several drops under the tongue.

Miracle Soul can also enliven “dead” food. If you don’t have access to fresh, live food, spray Miracle Soul on any food that you have, whether it’s a snack, a ready meal or wilting salad leaves to bring the food to life again.


How long does it take to begin reconnecting with my soul?

Within seven days of starting your Miracle Soul journey, you will be ready to receive the activation of the divine blessing of your soul. From there, there’s no turning back.

And how long does it take to fully return to your soul and your purpose?

The time required for a complete return depends on the person. Six weeks would be a complete synergy but it could take six days, six weeks, six months, six years, and even sixteen years depending on the choices the person makes. The difference, though, is felt instantly.

Does taking Miracle Soul create any discomfort?

There may be an energetic gripping as people start questioning their spirituality, and stuff that doesn’t serve starts to surface. We strongly recommend a glass of Miracle Base with a couple of drops of Miracle Soul to reopen the connection to your inner knowing and rediscover your feelings of comfort about why you are taking this journey.

What does the activation of the soul feel like?

Miracle Soul gives you the experience of bliss. Some of the biggest fears people have are a fear of death, of loneliness, of dying by themselves. Miracle Soul delivers certainty and peace. It feels like bliss.