Miracle Sweetness

Happiness. Nourishment. Vibration.

What Miracle Sweetness Does

Miracle Sweetness balances blood sugar levels. It puts blood in its perfect vibration so anything that is out of balance is rebalanced. It gets the blood flowing, removing any weakness in the white blood cells, restoring diminished platelets and improving oxidization of the red blood cells. It brings back happiness and returns sweetness to the blood. Miracle Sweetness:

  • Reduces inflammations.
  • Reduces weight.
  • Improves hearing loss.

Inflammation is a way of protecting the body but sometimes the inflammation doesn’t stop. Miracle Sweetness turns off the inflammation, reducing hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis.  Even excess weight can be seen as a form of inflammation. A body that feels over-acidic or is attacked by bacteria or parasites, inflames to allow healing.

As the inflammation reduces, Miracle Sweetness makes the lymphatic fluid become perfectly mobile. The blood moves well, the spleen is enacted, the blood’s oxidization levels work correctly, and so does the bone marrow.

The middle ear is one of the biggest reasons for hearing loss. It’s lined by very fine hair follicles that can sometimes become blocked. Emotional conditions can make their movement lethargic so that when people don’t like what they are hearing, they shut out sound. They influence the movement of those hair follicles and become hard of hearing.

How Miracle Sweetness Works

The PoEM Wellness Framework has three systems: the flow systems, organ systems, and life force systems.

  1. The flow systems are where physical disease first sets in. The flow systems are like the circulatory system: the lymphatic system, the glandular system, and the nervous system. Physical disease first enters the flow system.
  2. The organ system is made up of the body’s organs.
  3. The life force systems are the chakras, the medium points, the sexual center of the body, and the auric field.

Miracles Sweetness returns the sweetness of flow into the flow systems. It supports, replenishes, and nourishes the spleen and the pancreas, organs that are nourished by the vibration of happiness, sweetness and smiles. These organs become extremely weak when happiness is depleted or sweetness is lost. Miracles Sweetness brings the smile back.

What Is In Miracle Expansion?

Miracle Sweetness is infused by the energy of the Goddess Kali, bringing about an end to the old so that new beginnings can occur. It’s also infused with the root system that starts in the Amazon and connects all of Amazonia, the energy of the essential vibration of the sun, of moonlight which is the reflection of the sun, and the essence of metal gold that has the homeopathic vibrational frequency concentration of turmeric.

How To Take Miracle Sweetness

Miracle Sweetness can be taken in three ways.

  • As drops in water.
  • As shots.
  • And as a mist.

As shots, Miracle Sweetness can be taken right away. A mist sprayed twice a day can enter the ears, nostrils and eyes where coagulation can build up.


Can drops be placed in the ears and the eyes?

No, we would not recommend that. Drops are too strong.

If Miracle Sweetness brings a smile back, can it be beneficial for people with depression?

Yes. We are focused primarily on the organs of the flow system, as opposed to the mind and the brain, so when Miracle Sweetness brings back a smile it affects the spleen and the pancreas. That makes the person healthier and they start feeling good within themselves.

Will it potentially reverse Type II Diabetes?


What about Type I Diabetes?

It is infused with the energy to be able to help Type I Diabetes but we are yet to work with a pancreas that regenerated itself fully. Once that has happened we will activate that part of the water but Miracle Sweetness has been created to reverse diabetes of all kinds.

Does it help with arthritis?

Yes, arthritis, rheumatism and any inflammation. Miracle Sweetness works directly with the flow systems so the circulatory systems start to flow perfectly. Blood pressure eases out even for people with heart conditions.

Does it help with the symptoms of PMS?

Miracle Sweetness roots women’s monthly cycle, producing a hormonal balance that has a direct effect on some symptoms of PMS.

PMS is related to relationship trauma. Does Miracle Sweetness heal that trauma?

It doesn’t target a particular relationship but it does bring sweetness back. A lack of sweetness in relationships is one of the biggest contributors to weakening the pancreas. The correction of the physical body has an effect on the emotional body.