Miracle Vitality

Awake. Aware. Open.

What Miracle Vitality Does

Miracle Vitality frees your cells to operate and move in a perfect way. You’ll instantly feel energized right from the core. You’ll return to knowing that you are divinely guided and are completely surrounded by divinity and divine beings. Loneliness disappears. You’ll feel that someone or something always has your back. Joy sets in as your body assimilates that support. You open to the feeling of trust and start trusting yourself.

As the cells return their perfect rhythm and you start trusting yourself, you start making choices that are consistent with the perfect movement of your cells. Your cells are ready to absorb nutrients, your body no longer feels deprived and your weight is recalibrated.

How Miracle Vitality Works

Miracle Vitality returns the cells to their perfect rotation and movement so that they are in sync with the rhythm of the earth.

When the cells are out of sync, they start behaving in a strange way. Stress is introduced to the cells, combined with a pressure derived from emotional distress that makes them a bedrock of disease. As they return to being in sync, they start shedding the pressures and stresses that might be weighing them down or causing them to be excessively mobile. It’s as though the heart of each cell opens up and starts seeing the world for what it truly is: wonderful, abundant, colorful and divinely guided.

What Is In Miracle Vitality?

Miracle Vitality is infused with Goddess Lakshmi, the Big White Eagle, the White Owl, the White Buffalo Maiden, Archangel Rafael, Archangel Gabriel, Nikita, Goddess Isis, Goddess Isolt, Horace and Mount Vishnu.

How To Take Miracle Vitality

Start with drops for about four weeks, then move on to shots. Take one shot of Miracle Vitality a day but never take Miracle Vitality on its own. You can also use Miracle Vitality as a spray delivered directly to any part of the body feeling tired or exhausted.


Should I drink Miracle Vitality in the morning?

You can take Miracle Vitality any time. It does wake you up though.

Can Miracle Vitality replace coffee?

Coffee has different characteristics. Miracle Vitality replaces any drugs that people may take to feel good or energized. Miracle Vitality is a replacement for ecstasy.

Can Miracle Vitality also be a replacement for Viagra?

Viagra is very damaging for the perfect rhythm of the cells. Miracle Vitality returns each organ to its perfect rhythm.

Can Miracle Vitality be used indefinitely?


Can I become addicted to Miracle Vitality?

No. There are no withdrawal symptoms from Miracle Vitality.

Does Miracle Vitality ever become unnecessary?

No. The cells can always go to the next level. You don’t ever need to stop taking Miracle Vitality.

Does Miracle Vitality have any side effects?

You can expect an unusually high level of energy. We recommend not drinking Miracle Vitality in the evening in order to ensure a good night’s sleep. You may also experience a temporary darkness that is released from the cells.