Miracle Flow

Flow. Create. Manifest.

What Miracle Flow Does

Miracle Flow moves energy. It pushes out stagnant energy, removes blockages and draws in new ideas. For artists suffering from writer’s block, for dieters unable to remove stored fat, for students stressed about their exams, and for executives faced with difficult decisions and long discussions, Miracle Flow has an instant impact and creates a sustainable long-term flow.

Miracle Flow:

  • Releases stagnant material.
  • Improves creativity.
  • Aids weight loss.
  • Reduces narcolepsy.
  • Improves exam performance.
  • Lowers conflict.

Using Miracle Flow feels abundant. It provides direction at difficult times, such as during breakdowns in friendships or during a search for ideas. It breaks down the material that causes the inflammation that produces weight gain. For people who tend to fall asleep at inopportune moments, Miracle Flow normalizes triglyceride levels and restores energy balance. It hydrates the brain, enhancing memory recall and improving performance.

Miracle Flow is not for the fainthearted but if you use it slowly and steadily, it will continuously surprise by making an immeasurable difference.

How Miracle Flow Works

The infused energy in Miracle Flow is able to identify whatever is out of flow. The infusions work in parallel, releasing blockages that might restrict movement or block wealth, energy or love. They remove old obstructions, putting your body into flow. You’ll find it easier to move, and to think. Your mind will no longer run at a thousand miles an hour. You’ll develop a good sense of wellness that feeds a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Who Contributed To Miracle Flow

Miracle Flow is infused with the energy of Shiva, Ganesha, the goddess Pele, the directions east, west, north, and south, the five elementals, and 24 celestial beings. This water is also used by the energy of Goddess Saraswati who presents herself as the creation vibe.

The painting also includes writing sent by the Creator that enables people to start expressing their views, their thoughts and their opinions freely and quickly.

How To Take Miracle Flow

Miracle Flow should be taken in the prescribed doses, typically no more than one drop per glass.

Because Miracle Flow releases stagnation, it can have a large impact on the body’s condition, removing trapped gases and undigested material that might contain granules or life substances that no longer serve you. Those unpalatable beings, objects and frequencies may be released into the body. Ultimately everything returns to flow but overuse of Miracle Flow can produce symptoms similar to an immune system attack.

Take Miracle Flow with caution.


How long does it take to get in the flow?

Miracle Flow is not slow. It starts to act very quickly and even aggressively. The amount of time it takes to get completely into the flow depends on the person and how long they choose to remain outside the flow. If someone is super-resistant it might take as much as four weeks. The first week will be hell but within ten days they will be like a white horse that has been broken in. In the third to fourth weeks, they will be more like the rider: entirely in control.

How does Miracle Flow affect the flow of money?

Miracle Flow does affect the flow of money and the flow of love. It is armed with a host of infusions and destroys old, inhibiting patterns. This water does not take into account how you may feel when that happens. You may not feel well for a couple of days but you will have an inner knowledge that everything will turn out fine. To align the flow of money, combine Miracle Flow with Miracle Base and Miracle Key.

Can I lose weight by drinking Miracle Flow without changing my eating habits?

We would not recommend eating poorly while trying to lose weight but Miracle Flow returns all of your organs to flow so that each does its job properly. When you get into flow, you start making different choices.

Combine Miracle Flow with Miracle Vitality, Miracle Key and Miracle Base. The first step is to start the breakdown of stagnant stored material.

Should Miracle Flow, Miracle Key, and Miracle Vitality be given at the same time? How should I take them?

Yes. Two drops of Miracle Key, two drops of Miracle Vitality, and one drop of Miracle Flow. Five drops in total, plus Miracle Base.

Some people who have large amounts of stagnant material may require more Miracle Flow, and people coming out of a severe illness and who lack energy may require more Miracle Vitality.

What does Miracle Flow do for people who have relationship issues?

Miracle Flow is very powerful when combined with Miracle Expansion when it comes to relationship issues. The heart is meant to be open.